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Breakfast Mistake

April 27, 2010

Sometimes the food I cook doesn’t always turn out well.  Sometimes I try to cook bacon while I am getting ready for work.  I did that today.  It was frying up nicely in the pan…but the pan cooked unevenly and all the sudden my bacon got all black in spots.  Oh well.  Its not always perfect.  I did follow my dad’s advice and put a little bit of brown sugar on the meat as it finished cooking and OOOH BOY!  It was YUMMY!  Some of the brown sugar did not caramelize all the way and just got a little crunchy and was divine.  I then drained most of the bacon fat out of the pan and attempted to make some scrambled eggs…they just didn’t really turn out right.  There were too many crusties leftover in the bottom of the pan from the bacon getting burned and the leftover brown sugar.  I watched Jacques Pepin make eggs on both Jacques and Julia and on Anthony Bourdain and I can’t for the life of me remember if he mixed his eggs up BEFORE putting them in the pan or not…Usually I would scramble them in a glass with a little milk or cream and add a teensy bit of baking powder, but I tried to be a purist.  My eggs were not yellow, they were more white with brownish black flecks due to the stuff from the bottom of the pan, but nevertheless they tasted okay.  Oh well.  We live and we learn.  And make mistakes in the kitchen.  At least there you can eat the evidence, right?

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