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March 1, 2010

The last two days I ate homemade pizza.  Unfortunately, I am house sitting and did not have my camera with me, so I do not have pictures.  I did want to share my experiences though because it was SO easy, I think everyone should try making homemade pizza more often!

I took 1 packet of rapid rise yeast or whatever (Red Star, silver and blue package), mixed it with 1 1/4 cup flour, and 1/4 tsp salt.  Then I added a cup of warm water.  After that, I beat it really fast for about 3 minutes, then I added about a cup more flour before turning it out to knead.  I probably kneaded about another half cup of flour (resulting in 2 3/4 cups flour), however the Better Homes and Gardens recipe that I used said to use up to 3 1/4 cups of flour.  I then proceeded to knead the crap out of the dough.  It said to knead it for 6-8 minutes, but I probably did it for 10-12.  Then I let the dough sit for about 10 minutes, then cut it in half.  Put one half in the fridge so I could eat it the next day, the other I rolled out with a rolling pin to the size of a pizza pan.  Baked the dough 13 minutes at 425 degrees, then added my toppings.  The first night I chopped up some sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and put that on the dough.  I also brushed the dough with some of the oil from the jar of sun dried tomatoes.  Then I crumbled up some goat cheese and put that on there and ended with some walnuts.  Let me tell you, this was DELICIOUS.  It was super crunchy and crispy and yummy and the crust was like a cracker and it looked like there was meat on it because of the artichokes.  Then, last night, with the other dough, I put some garlic, spinach, asparagus, feta cheese, tomatoes, and salt on it.  That was also very yummy, but I would say my pride and joy was the first attempt.  I was really surprised at how the spinach got all crispy dry, yet was still very flavorful.

This was SO easy.  I know I said it before, but it took about as long as ordering a pizza would, or even getting  a frozen pizza from the store and then baking it.  You can use anything for toppings, so it is amazingly versatile, and the pizzas don’t turn out all that large (I at a half a pizza myself), so you don’t necessarily have to deal with extra dough laying around if you have more people to cook for than just yourself or one other person.

Try it, I guarantee you will like it!

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